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2010 Reflections

2010 was an amazing year – beginnings and endings, ups and downs – and most of all change.  More change occurred this year for me than in many recent years.

My husband’s grandfather passed away in February.

My younger sister and our Dad met for the first time since she was an infant.  Amazing.  Amazing!  Amazing!!  I went to visit as well to provide moral support while he was at her house.

I vacated my position at a soul-sucking company after almost six years of sheer torture.

I performed in my first musical since high school and even had two solos.  My first singing solos ever!

My father-in-law received a report that a biopsy on a cancerous cell could be lymphoma.  He got the all clear after several mad, mad weeks and a round of rigorous tests.

Inherited some money from the estate of my husband’s late grandfather and acquired a new car after owning the old one for 7 years.

I know 2011 will be amazing.  I look forward to my new adventures!

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