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Devastation and Redemption

For the last few weeks I’ve been walking around the house dazed and confused.  At some point, right after the Christmas holiday, I lost my wedding ring.  I kept racking my brain and could only figure out that one moment it was there and the next gone.  There was no “UH-OH” moment of horror.  Simply, my fuzzy brain at some point recognizing that it was not on my finger.

Admittedly, I have lost a LOT of things in the past.  I know that if I do not put something in it’s place I won’t see it again for a couple of years, and then never when I NEED it.  I am also a true professional at “misplacing” things like sunglasses (my record is 5 mins after buying a new pair), keys, etc. when out and about.

I despaired.  I racked my brain.  I prayed!

The incident made no sense.  I knew where it was that morning.  I had taken it off while at the gym so I could lift weights.  I knew where it was just a few hours before.  On the way out the door to my Mom’s to open Christmas presents with my Sister I ran back at the last moment and slipped it on.

I was at home.  I wasn’t out and about where I could easily put it down somewhere.  I felt like a victim of short term amnesia.  Despite all my efforts I could not remember exactly what I had been doing at the moment it was lost.  Not to mention the other ring I was wearing that day was safely in my jewelry box.

I had done some cleaning after I got home from my Mom’s, but I had already searched the sink area in the kitchen, took apart the sink in case it was caught in the trap, and scoured the bathroom, bedroom, laundry and living room with NO result.

My husband reassured me that I would find it.  I wanted to believe him, but as more time elapsed I began to despair.  My ring is unique and could be challenging to replace.

Not to mention it’s my wedding ring.

I know people lose them or upgrade all the time.  I didn’t want a different ring; I wanted MY ring back.  The things that you surround yourself with have an energy to them.  I wanted my ring and it’s unique energy.

Last Sunday (the 9th), we celebrated our anniversary, which is actually on the 10th.  After work in the morning and rehearsal in the afternoon, I drove over to meet Mr. Right.  I wore another ring that he had given to me many years ago, but it was not the ring I really wanted on my finger – especially when celebrating our anniversary.

As dinner progressed, I brought up the missing ring.  Embarrassingly, I burst into tears.  At that point, my hubby brought a jewelry box out of his pocket.  I held my breath and reached over for it.  I opened the box to find what I was hoping would be there – my wedding ring.

Mr. Wonderful had found it in the bottom of the clothes hamper when he was washing some clothes for our special night out.  I have a suspicion that he was going to hold onto it until our actual anniversary date, but my tears had been too much for him to handle.

Thanks be to my adorable, wonderful, romantic, glorious husband who always looks out for me.  I love you!

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