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Feats of Strength

Genius that I am, I decided to have lunch with my Nana and the in-laws today.

Umm…yeah…what part of my brain forgot that it’s CHRISTMAS?  And my destination of choice was THE MALL?!

The only parking spots were on the opposite side of the mall from the restaurant.  The in-law’s decided to valet (smart choice), but my Nana was driving in my Uncle’s huge, borrowed truck.  I called to explain where the only parking spaces in the place were, but being from out of town she couldn’t find the spot I was talking about.  After her driving around fruitlessly for 25 minutes I convinced her to come pick me up so I could help her with the parking nightmare.

The feats of strength?

1 – Dodging cars in the valet line while standing in the street near the valet stand keeping a look out for her

2 – Enacting a Chinese fire-drill so that I could drive the truck to the holy grail – an unoccupied parking spot

3 – Parking said massive truck on the other side of creation then hoofing it back to the restaurant in under ten minutes flat.

Happy Festivus!

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