Holidays, The Family That...

A Day for Thanks (and Family Time)

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers!  I hope you all enjoyed your day of family, excess, and gluttony; a truly American holiday!

I went over to my aunt’s and hung out with the in-laws, hubby, and another aunt (Antebellum).  We all stuffed ourselves and promptly entered a turkey coma.

I’ve never just adored kids – the way so many people I know do – however, I admit that I love seeing my cousin, Flower.  She’s two and shared a few terrible-two moments today.  Yet, she’s absolutely brilliant and fun.  I hope Flower can just hold onto that in spite of her parents and her sometimes crazy brother, Twister.  Everyone in the family suspects Twister to be autistic – or at the least ADD – yet his parents choose to remain blind to his “differences” despite repeated attempts at drawing their attention to it.

I swapped stories with Antebellum and the older cousins.  We made plans to visit Harry Potter land at Universal Islands of Adventure tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it!  Hubby and I visited last month, but I’m totally game for some more HP goodness.  I’ll have someone to ride the coasters with as one of the cousins also enjoys them.  Yeay!

We then trekked over to another Aunt’s (by marriage) for Thanksgiving Round 2.  Is it just me or is it rude to stubbornly have Thanksgiving at your house even when you’ve been invited to attend another dinner earlier in the day?  I can understand having a separate feast for certain reasons (divorce, distance, time), but none of these apply here.  I definitely enjoyed myself less than normal by having to migrate during what would normally be post-pig-out social time.  As if that wasn’t enough, Thanksgiving Round 2 turned out to be the Thanksgiving of Discontent.  Aunt and the kids spent most of the afternoon arguing with each other.

Oh, the joys of family!

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