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Mean Kids

The current  internet hub-bub surrounding the young girl bullied for liking Star Wars lends credence to my theory that some kids are just plain MEAN.

(If you’re not sure what I’m talking about check out the blog post here).

I’m always astounded when people talk about how nice and sweet kids are.  Have these adults not been around children for awhile?  Have they conveniently forgotten Dennis the Menace and the whole gang from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  That kid from the abhorrent, face-slapping Home Alone series?

Kids are mean.  I remember being picked on because I was smart, liked to read, wasn’t considered pretty, and enjoyed being a bit of a tomboy.  I remember one kid that liked to pinch me until I bled.  I remember being tripped by a kid and falling down and breaking my nose in gym class.

I know, and sadly enough Katie the Star Wars Girl has found out, that kids come in all flavors just like adults.  I hope Katie finds those friends who will accept her for who she is and what she likes, and stays away from those kids that, despite the best efforts of their parents, grow up to be the Good Son.

2 thoughts on “Mean Kids”

  1. Unfortunately, I think it comes back to the parents. I think mean kids learn their skills from their parents, explicitly or implicitly. It works both ways, though, as my mom somehow instilled her intimidation factor in me (and was also a tomboy, bookworm, smart kid with a funny name and crazy hair) so I was never really messed with.

    And I still scare boys. But that’s another story.

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