Shop 'til You Drop

IKEA – Hate to Love or Love to Hate?

I HATE IKEA.  Yes, I said it.  I’ll say it again.  I HATE IKEA.  I hate that I have to go upstairs to look at stuff.  I hate winding and wending my way through the IKEA maze like a rat looking for cheese.  I hate that there are only three people working in the whole store.  I hate that the one time I wanted to buy something it took 20 minutes of fruitless searching to find some shelf named Ekby (or whatever).  I hate that there is normally a monstrous crush of people also shopping there at the same time.  I hate that the parking lot is as big as a football field and every aisle is one way.  I hate that all the check-outs are self-serve.  (I’ve loathed self-service checkout since I encountered my first one.  That’s a topic for a different post.)

Did I buckle under the scrupulously planned store layout and purchase something?  YES!  Am I proud?  NO!

Does anyone else out there think that getting bitten by carpenter ants would be more fun than an IKEA shopping trip?  Am I alone in my dislike of the IKEA shopping experience?  I’ll be enjoying my funky rug and TV shelf while contemplating how to politely wiggle out of any future invitations for shopping at this behemoth.

Just for grins a relentessly catchy tune from Jonathan Coulton entitled “IKEA”.  Enjoy!

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